29 September 2022

The Value of Water Campaign educates and inspires the nation about how water is essential, invaluable, and in need of investment. Spearheaded by top leaders in the water industry, the Value of Water Campaign is building public and political will for investment in America's water infrastructure.

The main objective of the save water campaign was to increase awareness of students about the scarcity of clean water and sensitize them about the conservation of water, a precious resource. The campaign aimed at reducing everyday water usage rate due to the water crisis in the world.

Catchy Slogans on Save Water

  • Save blue. Live green.
  • Preserve water, preserve life.
  • Conserve water. Save a million lives.
  • Think before you let it drip.
  • Save the BLUE, so you don't go blue. Save water. ...
  • Save water. Save Earth.
  • Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop. This clock must be stopped.
  • Save water. The whole world depends on you.